1.  “Learning Effectiveness – The Virtual Center for Road Safety

By Mr. Chaim Carmi.

Inspector for Road Safety Education on behalf of the Ministry of Education

The results of this study point to the considerable and unquestionable instructional success of the Action K.I.D. in light of the existing teaching method. Pre- and post-learning results indicate a meaningful learning process with success in a wide range of parameters that nears 100%.

2.  “Examining the connection between control of spatial orientation (directions and symmetry) and computer-assisted drills in this field (our software)”

Academic consultant    Dr. Baruch Ophir

The study was done in the context of Education the Age of Developing Technology, Bar Ilan University by : Ms. Tzipi Egozi, Ms. Gila Ben-Har

The study examined the connection between the child’s spatial orientation control (directions and symmetry) and computer-assisted drills. The findings indicated a connection between the drill and the child’s spatial orientation achievement.

3. “Using Computers as a Tool to Expand the Therapeutic Experience in Art Therapy”  

by Tal Benjamini Masters Thesis Lesley College

This comparative follow-up study concludes that the learning systems contribute to the creativity of the contemplative child, who becomes sensitive to the needs of his peers.

4. Action K.I.D. –  Positive Junior


This study examined and proved that students working with the Action K.I.D. had higher achievements in various subjects (grammar, math and language arts) than students not working with the Action K.I.D.