The Ministry of Education – The State of Israel

Dr. Haim Rubinstein

Supervisor of Road Safety Education  

"The material presented to me was done in a fascinating, interesting and educated way.  It really provides a broad, interesting perspective and experience to learning Road Safety.

Learning at your center is an educational experience for all with a broad pedagogical significance that provides a tool far beyond the curriculum.

An abundance of correct behaviors on the subject were presented to me.

The material I encountered is not only significant in the narrow sense of the subject but rather encompasses many fields and diverse cognitive skills in an integrated manner ". 

Mr. Danny Shtruzman

CEO Training Center for Road Safety 

  1. "I observed and experienced the device many times since its birth. My impression was that it could affect students of Road Safety studies at schools that constantly emphasize safety. Additionally, it will allow them to take upon themselves a commitment to behave safely on the road and use their knowledge on the subject.
  2. In our current technological age, exposing the students to the advanced and up to date technology at the center creates an impressive experience and helps the center realize its goals.
  3. The computerized activity stations with the learning system and the cognitive-motor device bring the students closer to realizing the goals more effectively than conventional learning in a classroom." 

The Ministry of Education – The State of Israel

Dr. Yossi Eitan

Pedagogical consultant

"From an educational and pedagogical point of view, there is no doubt that the experience at the center creates a substantial learning experience for students that is unlike anything else in other educational environments, in terms of the professional design of the devices and accessories, the exposure to a magical site filled with stimulating adventures  and through an encounter with an advanced technological learning environment  rich with challenges that require various skills and types of intelligence and that provides instantaneous and precise feedback on the performance. Additionally one can only be impressed when observing the students operating at the center and the high level of independence that they are required and exhibit throughout the activities and the real sense of self control that accompanies this. All of this is carried out with a minimum amount of stress and competitiveness.

All of these are apparent in a pleasant and relaxed environment that remains so for the length of the activities, in the cooperation and enthusiasm of the students (even when arriving for a second or third time), in the absence of disruptions or disciplinary problems and in the positive feedback given by the students and teachers at the end of the activity." 

Opinion Summary 

"The Virtual Center represents an exceptional and impressive example of an alternative learning environment that allows learning, training and internalizing the basic principles in Road Safety education. The learning takes place in a center with three main components: knowledge, approach and behavior. This also takes place through strengthening respect for the subject and in this is the center's significant and unique contribution to the learning process. In my opinion, combining it with the programs and activities for Road Safety is an important addition."




Mr. Ariel Sifdeheld

Course Manager 

"The visit contributed to the success of the course and the students were very impressed with the concept of the project and the contents implemented in it. They were especially impressed that the activities in the place are suitable for different age groups and a variety of abilities and needs. This was apparent in the feedback the center received in which the visit received a score of 4 out of 5!" 

Kay College

Beer Sheva

Dr. Bracha Kayzer

Computer coordinator for special education  

"Ever since I was exposed to the extensive didactic program with the computer and since I started using the Thinking Fundamentals’ learning systems with different target groups, the students have benefited and have advanced with their organization of thoughts. 

I use this tool as a unique connection to brain damaged and other disabled children that find their only companion in the computer, through which they connect to their environment. Mentally challenged populations also enjoy using the computer, that provides instant feedback, a positive reinforcement for their efforts and helps them succeed with assignments.

Special needs teachers and educators often ask me to demonstrate the didactic learning systems in the basic subjects." 

The Ministry of Education – The State of Israel

Gordon School – Petah Tikva

Dr. Varda Granot


"I'd like to thank you and your team for your cooperation and support for the past several years at our school, with the projects that combined the Edu Fix learning systems. Very rarely can we cooperate with a body such as Thinking Fundamentals’ that is as open and willing to contribute from their experience to promote non-profit educational projects.

I feel that you have a part in the awards and appreciation the school receives under my management and I wish to humbly thank you for that.

Your contribution is obvious in your ability to support the educational staff at my school in professional training and provide solutions for our needs that at times are out of the ordinary".