We have over 35 years of practical experience in the field of education and our products are distributed in over 42 countries worldwide, and have been translated into 20 different languages.

Our team is competent in-house and includes creative writers, professional pedagogues, psychologists, graphic artists, audio-video specialists and computer and electronics experts who all team together to create exciting products that motivate, teach, and provide hours of learning pleasure.

All product development and production is done in-house, from the initial conceptual stage, through script, animation, recording, programming, electronic and carpentry work, publishing, creating instructional accessories and documentation.

This allows us to experiment with various pedagogical ideas, until we reach the most optimal educational solutions. Additionally, it affords us the flexibility to tailor educational solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We strongly believe in the importance of cooperative group activities, which promote social interaction and communication enhancement. Therefore, all our products are open in nature and allow the educator to play a pivotal role in the learning process.