Dimensions: L=3.70 meters, W=2.60 meters, H=2.40 meters

HomeBitTM is a revolutionary innovation that integrates state-of-the-art technology with multidisciplinary education to create a fascinating, interactive wonderland that captivates learners in a stimulating atmosphere of dynamic learning.

Created specifically for the heterogeneous classroom, HomeBitTM is a self-contained computerized learning environment that accommodates up to eighteen participants simultaneously as they engage in both cooperative and independent learning.

HomeBitTM, designed as a cozy, inviting home, is a veritable hands-on laboratory consisting of numerous computerized stations that contain a variety of multi-functional applications encompassing a diverse range of levels and subject areas including language arts, science, geography, music, sports and more. The system lends itself to quick and easy transition among the various curriculum content areas and between different age groups.

The open and flexible character of the system offers virtually unlimited possibilities for adaptation to any theme, topic or area of study. Incorporated into HomeBit is a learning materials generator, which educators may use to custom-tailor the focus of activity addressed by the system to meet the specific needs of any group of learners. 

HomeBitTM’s educational approach is based on combining the latest technological advancements with the pedagogical theories of the world’s leading child psychologists and educators to maximize the development potential in young learners, encourage harmonious teamwork, and promote the assimilation and application of what they learn to new endeavors. The nature of learning with HomeBit gives each child the opportunity to express and apply his or her unique talents, abilities, skills and knowledge in making an individual contribution to the group.

The children at the various stations are in continuous interaction with the system and with each other as they meet the challenges presented through HomeBit’s exhilarating and fun-filled activities. The cognitive skills developed with HomeBit are integrated with communication, physical agility, social and behavioral skills as the children climb, jump, hide, crawl, film and communicate personally and remotely via a hands-free, voice activated walkie-talkie system.

Activity with HomeBit constitutes independent learning at its best. Children do not need to rely on more than one educator, as they are guided in their task objectives by the system and their peers. This, in turn, helps to cultivate leadership qualities, interpersonal relations and decision-making skills.

 Built into the structure of the house is a touch-sensor system comprised of a variety of illuminated hand buttons, step-on keypads, digital scoreboards and other components, which operate to provide input and output of real-time information relevant to the task at hand. The system provides instantaneous feedback to each participant throughout their activity with the system, monitoring their individual progress and motivating them to do their best.


Computers analyze ongoing data input from the performance of each particular task. Other interactive electronic devices provide additional information to the participants during activities. The entire touch system is controlled through a “mother computer” which receives the real-time information, processes it and relays the resulting information back to the users. The transmission of information from the sensors through the “mother computer” and back is done via a sophisticated system of electronic components.

Features such as doors, windows, shelves, a ladder, a jumping deck, a balance beam and passageways link areas to one another. Participants work at the various interactive stations inside, outside, on top of and around the house at varying levels of difficulty.

Illuminated windows in different sizes, located on the walls inside and outside the house, hold interchangeable information tables and task cards that direct the children’s attention to an added source of information and allow for convenient and seamless movement from one subject area to another. These beautifully and vividly illustrated cards feature interpretive pictures, sequencing tasks, matching tasks, literary text, written instructions, riddles and a variety of data.

Instructions are given by the main computer throughout the activity. The derivative activity after the children read and decode the task card will lead them to collect words and symbols, engage in sequential activity, provide answers, and more. Each task is characterized by a collective group effort type of framework in which each child contributes individually to the shared goal by performing a different assignment.

A built-in function for creating new activities in conjunction with the specific subject being taught enables both educators and children alike to write their own riddles, questions and other tasks, input them into the computer and print them, thus further expanding the curricular scope of the system.

Transforming the learning experience into a thrilling world of exploration and discovery, HomeBitTM establishes a new standard in the educational technology of the future.